Bitty Bakes

Easy Eggless Cardamom Buns

easy eggless cardamom buns

Making Buns are always close to my heart! This is such an Easy Eggless Cardamom Buns you will love it! Buns are making your life easier. You can make a whole lot of it and store in fridge or freeze for an ready breakfast! Doesn’t it sound good? I went through a lot of recipes … Read moreEasy Eggless Cardamom Buns

Thin Snack box Cookies

These Thin Snack box Cookies are just so easy and delicious! Now that Holidays are over in India and kids are back to school, every mom is so confused in packing snacks. “Should I give what they demand or send something healthy?” Here is how you can do both by packing some of these healthy, … Read moreThin Snack box Cookies

One-Bowl Healthy Strawberry Muffins

One-bowl Healthy Strawberry Muffins

This One-Bowl Healthy Strawberry Muffins are my favorite breakfast right now! Strawberries have taken me!! Only last week my fridge was free from strawberries. It was December mid, when I started shopping strawberries every week from 2-3 boxes. Just last week I didn’t. Eventually, I thought this one-bowl healthy strawberry muffins was my last strawberry … Read moreOne-Bowl Healthy Strawberry Muffins

One Raise Easy Eggless Cinnamon Orange Roll Recipe

One Raise Easy Eggless Cinnamon Orange Roll Recipe

Cinnamon Rolls are an easy breakfast, that can be prepared ahead of time. And this one raise easy eggless cinnamon orange roll recipe is so easy and it just takes 90 minutes to prepare. This Recipe is a twist in the regular Cinnamon Roll and it’s also eggless. You can check my Classic Cinnamon Roll, … Read moreOne Raise Easy Eggless Cinnamon Orange Roll Recipe

One Raise Easy Cinnamon Roll with Sugar Glaze

one raise Easy cinnamon roll with sugar glaze

One Raise Easy Cinnamon Roll with sugar glaze, as the name states its really easy to make. One raise just for 90 minutes! Yes its so easy. Its a Classic cinnamon roll that a beginner home baker can easily understand. Its so soft and kicked up with cinnamon. You can adjust the cinnamon according to … Read moreOne Raise Easy Cinnamon Roll with Sugar Glaze

Gluten free Coconut Flour Paleo Bread

gluten free coconut flour paleo bread

Nowadays healthy lifestyle is preferred by many. Bread is part of our lifestyle. Most of the time, bread contains some form of flour that we wish to avoid. Here is a bread that has no maida nor wheat. So here is a Gluten free coconut flour paleo bread. A perfect bread using coconut flour with … Read moreGluten free Coconut Flour Paleo Bread