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Orange Candy Cupcake with Candy Sauce

orange candy cupcake with candy sauce

Let’s make some fun!! ThisĀ Orange Candy Cupcake with Candy Sauce calls for a Party. Candy!! As you all know these are made from sugar as main ingredient. Different fruit flavors are infused to make these. This recipe is slightly adapted from a vanilla cake recipe from sallys baking addiction blog. Her recipes are so clear … Read moreOrange Candy Cupcake with Candy Sauce

Gluten free Spinach Cupcakes

low carb cake

Green Cupcakes!! Yes, This gluten free spinach cupcakes should be on a must try list. Its gluten free and low in carbs. Bake these beauties for a party and ask your friends or kids to find that green ingredient. I bet you, no one will be able to find it. How its colored green? These … Read moreGluten free Spinach Cupcakes

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