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Chocolate Panna cotta – Italian Dessert

Chocolate Panna cotta - Italian Dessert

Rich and Creamy Chocolate Panna cotta – Italian Dessert. Panna cotta is made from sweetened cream that’s set using Gelatin. Cream may be flavored with Vanilla Bean, chocolate or coffee. It is usually served with chocolate, caramel or any fruit compote/berry sauce. Gelatin thickens the cream to make it a smooth and creamy dessert. Sprinkle … Read moreChocolate Panna cotta – Italian Dessert

Simple Vanilla Panna cotta Recipe

simple vanilla panna cotta recipe

Panna cotta, always a classic Italian Dessert that can be flavored with Vanilla, Coffee or Chocolate. Most of the time its made with Vanilla Bean, so that the specs of vanilla shows up in the white jelly. So I made it the same way using vanilla bean, Simple Vanilla Panna cotta Recipe. Know about Gelatin: … Read moreSimple Vanilla Panna cotta Recipe

Wild Jamun | Java Plum Compote Recipe

wild jamun | java plum compote recipe

Wild Jamun is a Indian fruit that is very healthy and has a vibrant color. I love the color and used this fruit to make Wild Jamun | Java Plum Compote recipe. In Tamil, Java Plum is called as நாவல் பழம். While its still in season here I made these wild jamun | java plum … Read moreWild Jamun | Java Plum Compote Recipe

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