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Eggless Orange Cupcake with Buttercream frosting

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Cupcakes are never out of style. It can get more cute everyday and you will never get bored of cupcakes. This Eggless Orange Cupcake with Buttercream Frosting is a perfect dessert after a heavy meal or just to eat it like a meal.  Eggless Orange Cupcake with Buttercream frosting One dessert that my son never … Read more

Understanding paid collaboration as an Influencer

If you have been following me from past few weeks, then you know that I have been sharing how to work with Brands. “Understanding paid collaboration as an Influencer” is the continuation of this series. Take a look! Understanding paid collaboration as an Influencer Brand Collaborations are majorly based on Instagram as Instagram has become … Read more

Wheat Chocolate Cake without oven

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Baking a delicious cake with a very few ingredients is a dream. If it is healthy and if it is something that can be baked without an oven, that’s a bonus point. Here is how you bake Wheat Chocolate Cake Without Oven. Simple, delicious, healthy and budget friendly! We all get that major dessert cravings … Read more

Vegan Panna cotta Dragon Fruit Jelly

In search of a vegan dessert? You are in for a treat! Presenting to you the delectable Vegan Panna Cotta Dragon Fruit Jelly. Who doesn’t love drool worthy, healthy, mood uplifting dessert right? Bonus point is that you don’t have to spend hours together in the kitchen to make this. Are you ready to take … Read more

How to get paid collaborations as influencers in 2022

I know everyone are expecting me to talk about “how to get paid collaborations as influencers?” I have been working on this quite sometime now and finally I got a lot to share with you guys on how to start monetizing. So this post is split up into two parts, so here is the first … Read more

How to reply to Brand Collaboration Email

Have you ever got an email from the brand for collaboration? Wonder how to reply to brand collaboration email? Then you are at the right place! In my first post you saw me talking about “How to start working with brands in India?”, where you start approaching brands. Today let me share what to do … Read more

Melt in Mouth Chocolate Tart

melt in mouth chocolate tart

Finally this recipe is up on my page! I am super excited to share this. Melt in Mouth Chocolate Tart is the most searched dessert in a dessert lover’s browser. Chocolate is love and you guys know that I am a great fan of Chocolate. This chocolate tart recipe is my absolute favorite and going … Read more

How to work with brands as Bloggers in India

how to work with brands as blogger in india

How to work with brands as Bloggers in India in 2022 is the most asked question in the blogging industry. I have been in the blogging industry for 3 years now. I have collaborated with some amazing brands. Just I had 2000 followers back then on Instagram and a blog that’s almost 3 years old. … Read more