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Basic Baking Tips and Tricks

Bakers, here I am with my own experience about Baking in all aspects. I am gonna post Basic Baking Series: Tips and Tricks, and in this first post I am discussing about Basic Baking Tips and Tricks to get a perfect Cake. Once you follow and master these I assure you, to become a better baker.

You can save the image above and go through it just before baking, so that you can be a better baker.

Basic Baking Tips and Tricks:

#1 Room Temperature Ingredients: First and foremost is to start with is, ingredients. Room Temperature Ingredients is very important. Think of mixing up hot chocolate to room temperature Egg, what happens is you get cooked egg. So all ingredients should be in room temperature, unless specified in recipe.

Most of my Cake Recipes call for room temperature ingredients, check my cake recipes.

#2 Butter Temperature: Butter, the master ingredient. Check the recipe twice, when dealing with butter. There are recipes that call for cold, soft and room temperature butter. When you are making pastry dough, it calls for cold butter to rub with flour.

You can also check my homemade Butter Recipe to make butter easily at home.


#3 Weighing Ingredients: There are many ways to measure the ingredients, but I always suggest to measure the ingredients using a weighing scale. To make a perfect cake, the measurement is most important factor. So Weighing gives you accurate measurement.

basic baking tips and tricks

#4 Read full Recipe and Steps: Once you decide a recipe that you are going to start and if you did’t go through the steps one by one like I did many times, in the middle you will definitely struggle. So each time read the entire procedure for the recipe before you start doing or the recipe will be a failure.

#5 Arrange the Ingredients: In my Kitchen, I do have my ingredients for baking in a separate cupboard. But one or two might be misplaced in other cupboards. So I always get all the ingredients arranged on my work area just before I start making a recipe.

#6 Clean and Grease Free Bowl: Always check the bowl whether its clean. Residue in the bowl will not give you perfect result. When a recipe calls for beaten egg white and if there is any residue in the bowl then you are not going to get stiff peaks. So if any residue, just wipe it either with lemon juice or vinegar.

#7 Preheating Oven: Whenever you are about to start doing a recipe, you need to preheat the oven. So that oven reaches the exact temperature to place the batter to bake. It’s so important to preheat to get a perfectly raised cake. Preheat for at-least 15-20 min.

#8 Greasing Pan: The Cake Baked just perfect and its cooled completely and you are trying to release the cake from pan, but it cracked. Feeling exhausted? Try Greasing the Pan with oil or butter and place the parchment/ butter paper that’s cut to the pan shape. Now whatever cake, let it cool completely before releasing the cake.

#9 Oven Thermometer: My Oven’s inside Temperature differs comparing to what I set outside. Sometimes this happens, so I suggest using an Oven Thermometer to calibrate the Temperature inside. So that you can adjust accordingly.


#10 Don’t open Oven door often while Baking: Opening the oven door during the first 10 minutes of baking will make the cake sink inside. So remember not to open the Oven door before half its baking time. And opening it often will make the temperature vary and you may not get a perfect cake.

These are the top 10 tips to make you a Better Baker. Remember it and follow these tricks to succeed in Baking. I also do simple Cake Baking in Pressure Cooker when I go to my home town. Might be my next post is tips to bake in Pressure Cooker.

Do share your experience and improvement after following these tips. Happy Baking!! Stay tuned for my next post.

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