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Let's Talk about me and my Collaborations

My passion for baking and photography soon opened pathways to many attractive opportunities and I am proud that now I can call myself a Recipe developer, Bangalore food stylist, Bangalore product stylist and an aesthetic food photographer in Bangalore. Along this journey of baking and photography, I met incredible fellow home bakers, talented photographers and I worked with some amazing brands for baking, food photography, product styling and food styling in Bangalore. I am proud to call myself a Indian food photographer as I have worked with various brands throughout India. So, I thought it’s now time to share my experience of working with these brands and letting you know how it was to work with them.

Brands I have worked with:

Recent Client Works

I have worked with Ossoro for 2 years for recipe development and food photography. Their variety of flavors never ceases to amaze me.

Bangalore prop stylist
product photography in bangalore

Themed food photography and prop styling for Chumbak.

diwali sweets

Food photography and food styling for Chumbak

food stylist Bangalore

Lifestyle themed food photography and prop styling by Sharmila for Chumbak.

Recipe shoot for Baby Saffron brand.

food photography in bangalore

Product Styling for Luvit Chocolates.

hamilton beach mixer

Recipe development and food photography for Hamilton Beach Mixer.

food stylist Bangalore
food influencers

Recipe development and food photography for Meron Agar.

food stylist Bangalore
food photographer bangalore
photographer in bangalore

I worked with Aashirvaad as a team leader for recipe development, food styling, presenting video and worked as a director too. As a team we did a video project of 28 videos.

Worked with Sprig Gourmet for Recipe development.

sprig recipe by bittybakes

It was a great delight to work with the above brands. 

Working with every brand is a unique experience and every time I learn something new that enhances my skills as a Recipe Developer, food stylist, product stylist and a food photographer. Learning is never ending. There’s always something more to it. I will keep you posted about my further ventures. Stay tuned! 

To get in touch with me, do mail , Ph: 8778042742

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