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Let's Talk about me and my Collaborations

My passion for baking and photography soon opened pathways to many attractive opportunities and I am proud that now I can call myself a Recipe developer, food stylist, product stylist and a food photographer in Bangalore. Along this journey of baking and photography, I met incredible fellow home bakers, talented photographers and I worked with some amazing brands for baking, food photography, product styling and food styling in Bangalore. So, I thought it’s now time to share my experience of working with these brands and letting you know how it was to work with them.

Brands I have worked with:

Aashirvaad: I worked with Aashirvaad as a team leader for recipe development, food styling, presenting video and worked as a director too. As a team we did a video project of 28 videos. 

Below are screenshots of my Food Styling and presenting video for Aashirvaad:

food stylist Bangalore food photographer bangalore photographer in bangalore

Barbeque delight: I worked as a food stylist in a restaurant called Barbeque Delight which is located in Koramangala, Bangalore.

food photographer in bangalore restaurant food photographer bangalore food photography bangalore

Country Bean Classic coffee: When Country Bean Classic coffee reached out to me for a collaboration, I was more than happy to accept because love for coffee is never ending. I worked with country bean classic coffee as a recipe developer and food stylist. Made a recipe video for them.

product photographer bangalore

Epigamia: Epigamia has flavorsome spreads such as yogurt, artisanal curd, snack pack and many more. I used their tasty ghee spread and made a recipe out of it.


Ossoro: Ossoro is a flavor alchemist and they have tons of flavors that can be used for culinary perfection. I have been working with Ossoro for more than a year and it is always a pleasure to work with them. Their variety of flavors never ceases to amaze me. I use Ossoro flavors to all my baking experiments without fail. I have worked with them as product stylist, food stylist and a recipe developer. We have published a recipe book together which is one of my greatest achievements of 2019.


Sprig Gourmet: Using their Dulce de Leche and Cinnamon Honey created 2 blog posts and Instagram post.

Tgl Co. Teas: Another Tea brand I loved working with was Tgl Co. Teas. Their organic teas and a variety of exotic teas will make you go aww.

product stylist in bangalore  food stylist

The Gourmet Jar: Using The Gourmet Jar savory spreads I have created a recipe and did a product shoot for them.

product stylist Bangalore  

Vahdam Teas: Vahdam Teas sells authentic tea to give you the experience of true flavor of tea. I worked with them as a recipe developer and did a product shoot for them.

food photographer bangalore  bangalore photographer

Victorinox Knife: It was a great opportunity to work with Victorinox, Swiss Knife. I did Instagram post for them, telling a story around Fruit Salad.


Weikfield: For Weikfield, I made a pasta and custard post for Instagram to promote their product.

food stylist Bangalore

It was a great delight to work with the above brands. 

Working with every brand is a unique experience and every time I learn something new that enhances my skills as a Recipe Developer, food stylist, product stylist and a food photographer. Learning is never ending. There’s always something more to it. I will keep you posted about my further ventures. Stay tuned! 

To get in touch with me, do mail , Ph: 8778042742

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