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Apple Streusel Tea Cake – healthy buckwheat cake
How are you all killing time during the Quarantine period? I know you have all been baking delicious bakes at
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vegan mini Chocolate sponge
Vegan Mini Chocolate Sponge
Veganism is slowly hitting everyone. The moral to stand against the cruelty to animals is a thought to be appreciated.
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mawa cake recipe
Eggless Wheat Mawa Cake
Teacakes are love. Are you a great fan of delicious teacakes? Mawa cake is one of the tastiest teacakes ever.
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red velvet roll cake - swiss roll
Red Velvet Roll Cake – Swiss Roll
I know you have been waiting for the Valentine’s day special recipes!! So here is a Red Velvet Roll Cake
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yuzu castella cake
Yuzu Castella Cake – Daring Bakers
Are you experienced enough to call yourself a baker? If your answer is yes, then you are set to bake
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elder flower lemon healthy muffins
Elder flower Healthy Muffins
I hope these Elder flower healthy muffins tempt you enough. Today’s post is all about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s
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strawberry cake mascarpone cream
Strawberry Cake Mascarpone Cream
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classic christmas plum cake
Classic Christmas Plum Cake
It’s almost Christmas! Can you feel the Christmas vibes all around the town? I am sure that this Classic Christmas
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belgian chocolate mousse cake
Belgian Chocolate Mousse Cake
Anyone who does not love Belgian chocolates or the flavor of Belgian chocolates are not true lovers of chocolates. This
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no alcohol fruit cake
No Alcohol Christmas Fruit Cake
It’s Christmas time! Finally the much awaited December is here. It’s the month of cakes, cookies, snow, Santa and lot
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