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Measuring Flour| Grams to Cup Measurement

cups to grams

Measuring Flour| Grams to Cup Measurement:  Baking is always based on how you measure your ingredients. The texture of the cake usually depends on how you measure flour, sugar and butter/oil. If you have been here before, you have noticed me posting Basic Baking Series: Measuring the Ingredients. This is second in the series. The … Read more

Homemade Vanilla Extract Recipe without Alcohol

homemade vanilla extract Recipe without alcohol

Vanilla!! As it sounds very simple, don’t underestimate its flavor. The Vanilla Extract will have strong Vanilla flavor. So make your own Vanilla Extract using best ingredients available. Here is a homemade vanilla extract Recipe without alcohol. You can definitely find the difference between a good quality Vanilla Extract and a local vanilla essence. The … Read more

5 Interesting Cake and Bake Facts

cream of tartar

Explore Cake and Bake facts, and get to know the true story of your favorite foods. Food Story always sounds interesting, since food is a part of our daily life. So here are top 5 interesting cake and bake facts. 1.Cream Of Tartar a byproduct of Wine Frequent Bakers are very familiar with cream of … Read more

Basic Baking Tips and Tricks

basic baking tips

Bakers, here I am with my own experience about Baking in all aspects. I am gonna post Basic Baking Series: Tips and Tricks, and in this first post I am discussing about Basic Baking Tips and Tricks to get a perfect Cake. Once you follow and master these I assure you, to become a better baker. You … Read more