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Home made Cream Cheese and Sour Cream

Home made Cream Cheese and Sour cream are very easy to make. Its available only in selective super markets at high costs. I prefer to make it at home with easily available ingredients. This will definitely make your desserts more rich. Here are the few recipes using cream cheese: Baked Cheese cake Cream Cheese Pound … Read more

Homemade Passion fruit curd

homemade passion fruit curd

This Homemade Passion fruit curd recipe can be used several ways! I should say only after started my blog I have learnt a lot of in culinary journey!! I am saying this because, until then I didn’t know this wonderful fruit. And its rarely available in India. Passion fruit is highly nutritious. This tropical fruit … Read more

Homemade Easy Ice cream Cone Recipe

homemade easy ice cream cone recipe

As the name suggests, this Homemade Easy Ice cream Cone recipe is very easy and enticing!. During my college days as I said previously we used to go outing. When we can not afford to go out to the city, we go nearby and there used to be an ice cream store. I would go … Read more

Best Ever Vanilla bean Buttercream

best ever vanilla bean buttercream

This Best Ever Vanilla Bean Buttercream is my favorite frosting. Vanilla Bean is such a wonderful orchid, that’s almost used in all of our baked goodies. The name sounds so familiar but its the most under valued flavor! Vanilla bean, when used directly makes a real difference. Seeds can be scraped from the bean and … Read more

How to make Orange Marmalade in cooker?

how to make orange marmalade in cooker

“How to make Orange Marmalade in cooker?” is my long time pending recipe. And Finally!! Marmalade is a fruit preserve usually made from juice and peel of Citrus Fruits. It’s like a citrusy jam that can be made from most of the citrus fruits. When I first took a bite of croissant with the orange … Read more

Measuring Flour| Grams to Cup Measurement

cups to grams

Measuring Flour| Grams to Cup Measurement:¬† Baking is always based on how you measure your ingredients. The texture of the cake usually depends on how you measure flour, sugar and butter/oil. If you have been here before, you have noticed me posting Basic Baking Series: Measuring the Ingredients. This is second in the series. The … Read more

Homemade Vanilla Extract Recipe without Alcohol

homemade vanilla extract Recipe without alcohol

Vanilla!! As it sounds very simple, don’t underestimate its flavor. The Vanilla Extract will have strong Vanilla flavor. So make your own Vanilla Extract using best ingredients available. Here is a homemade vanilla extract Recipe without alcohol. You can definitely find the difference between a good quality Vanilla Extract and a local vanilla essence. The … Read more