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Christmas Mocktail at home

booze free Christmas drink

Alcohol free drinks are best sellers in the town…Christmas Mocktail at home!! Why not make them at home??? This drink is refreshing, healthy and beautiful to drink, Pomegranate juice contains a higher level of antioxidants compared to other fruit juices and yes, super healthy to consume because of high Vitamin C. It would be a … Read more

Jigarthanda – Perfect drink for Summer

jigarthanda, summer drink, indian mocktails, jigarthanda recipe, easy body cooling drink recipe

One of my favorite soul soothing drinks is Jigarthanda – perfect drink for summer. This is that one drink we prepare most often at home during summers. The coolness and benefits of this drink are endless. C’mon today let’s discuss all this along with the recipe. How excited are you? Jigarthanda – perfect drink for … Read more

Rose Milk using homemade syrup

rose milk using homemade syrup

Peak summer is here and everyone locked inside home. Wonder what to make to keep you fresh? Here is Rose Milk using homemade syrup. I know you couldn’t find Rose Essence nearby markets, but I hope you can definitely buy some fresh roses. Its just that easy to make rose syrup from scratch! During my … Read more