Hello everyone, can you believe that Christmas – Festival of baking  is just around the corner already. The memories of celebrating last year’s Christmas are still so fresh. How is it another Christmas already? Anyway, I couldn’t be more happy that we are finally going to celebrate Christmas. 

Christmas – Festival of baking

Christmas is always filled with a lot of baking. If I have to pick one festival that includes a lot of baking, it most definitely has to be Christmas. You can create endless Christmas recipes and keep creating more and more because the joy of ending the year and starting a new year can make us go overboard when it comes to hogging baked goods. 

Over the years, I have tested and tried a ton of Christmas recipes. So, today I am picking the most loved Christmas recipes and sharing them with you guys. Feel free to choose the ones you love and try them out for this Christmas – Festival of baking. Let us get started with the list. Shall we?

Here are some amazing Christmas Recipes that you would absolutely love:

The list goes on but these are the main ones that you could try out this year. Also, what’s a Christmas without baking some delicious cookies? In fact, I look forward to cookies more than cakes every Christmas. So, here are some good range of cookie recipes that I’ve tried. Check them out:


I hope these recipes come in handy for you this Christmas. Celebrate this Christmas – Festival of baking with a lot of baking and yumminess. Let your Christmas be filled with joy and prosperity. Merry Christmas in advance!

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