Diwali is just around the corner guys! Without any doubt it is one of my most favorite festivals because of the Diwali sweets recipes . Those gifts, sweets, new clothes, house full of lights and the feeling that the year is going to end soon – all this gives good vibes and happiness that cannot be described in words. First thing that comes to my mind whenever I think about Diwali is my childhood memory of writing an essay which for sure contains the line ‘Diwali is festival of lights’. I’m sure all of us did. 

Being a recipe developer, what I’m most excited about is the unique and interesting recipes that are created by keeping Diwali in Mind. They can get colorful and flavorful with each passing year. It is honestly the best time of the year to gorge on as many sweets as you want. Once you visit the sweet shop, you can get a lot of options to buy but homemade sweets and desserts are the best. With the ongoing festive season, it can also get expensive if you want to buy desserts outside. So, today here are some of my amazing Diwali sweets recipes that are easy to make and too delicious to skip on:


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I know your mouth is watering just by reading the names of the recipes. Click on the link, read these Diwali sweets recipes and try them out this Diwali. I’m sure these recipes are quirky, creative and something new that you haven’t tried for any Diwali before. Try out all the recipes and let me know which one is your favorite. Don’t forget to share it with your friends and spread some joy. Because, Diwali is all about bringing light in your loved ones life. Happy Diwali!


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