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Easy Valentine’s Day Recipes

It’s the season of Love and I only see love everywhere. When I think of love, first thing that comes to my mind is desserts. They are stress busters and mood boosters. So, here are a few amazing Easy Valentine’s Day Recipes to win over your valentine. After all, on this special day all we want is our partner to be happy. Isn’t it? So with further ado, let’s get into the recipes.

Easy Valentine’s Day Recipes

Valentine’s Day Special Red Blossom Cookies

Valentine's Day Special - Red Blossom Cookies, easy valentine's day recipes

This recipe that I made a couple of years ago was bomb and my husband loved it. I’m sure your partner will love it too. So, click here to check out this special recipe.


Eggless Red Velvet Cake

Valentine’s day is somehow always paired with red velvet cake. Maybe because of its sharp flavor and the colour red. If your partner is a fan of red velvet cake, this recipe is a must try. Click here to dig into the yumminess of red velvet cake.


Red Velvet Cookiesred velvet cookies, easy valentine's day recipe

When there is red velvet cake, there has to be obviously red velvet cookies too. This is a great option for valentine’s day if your partner is a fan of cookies. Click here to enjoy the taste of red velvet cookies.


Red Velvet Roll Cake

If you want to try something different this valentine’s day yet with red velvet, this recipe is for you. This roll cake will surely leave your partner craving for more of it. Click here to check this finger-licking good recipe.


Chocolate Cookie Cake

Chocolate, chocolate cookie cake, cookie cake, easy cake recipe, easy cookie cake recipe,chocolate chip cookie cake, giant cookie cake recipe, easy valentine's day recipes

This is one of the unique and easy valentine’s day recipes. The combination of cookie and cake with the flavor of chocolate is nothing but drool-worthy. Perfect for chocolate lovers! Click here to indulge in this recipe.


Super Moist Chocolate Cupcake

Cupcakes are cute for desserts. Easy to prepare and it is something that easily makes anyone happy. These cupcakes are super moist and you are going to love it. Click here to get lost in these moist cupcakes.


2 Ingredient Dark Chocolate Truffle

dark chocolate truffles, 2 ingredient desserts, simple desserts, simple snacks, easy dessert recipe, easy snack recipe, easy dark chocolate truffle recipe, easy valentine's day recipes

Last but not the least. This 2 ingredient dessert is delicious and can be made very quickly. If you still haven’t decided what to make because of time constraints, this is your pick. Click here to unlock the deliciousness.


I hope I made your job easier by suggesting these easy valentine’s day recipes. Celebrate love all day and everyday. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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