Every time I post something on Instagram, the first question I get is about the props that I use for my Food Styling. So, here is a detailed blog on Food Photography Props (Part 1). This gives you insights on where I buy my props. Over the years, I have collected so many props and now I am a prop hoarder:P I guess all you food stylists can relate to it. If yes, Comment below and let me know that you are in my tribe.

This blog is mainly about metal props like brass, copper and antique. My love for metal vintage props is never ending. It took me nearly 4 years to collect these props! It’s not mandatory to have a large collection of props to get started with Food Photography. Just start investing in it so after few years you will have a large collection. To invest in props, you must monetize what you do! Brand collaboration is one of the ways you can monetize. Read all about getting started with Brand collaboration.


food styling Props

Food Photography Props (Part 1) | Where I buy my props

The first ever prop store that pops in my head as my favorite is Varai Prop Store! Love their wide range of products. Roll able backdrops, wooden backdrops, all types of Food photography props from antiques to ceramics – you get it all! I always love to collect forks and spoons from them.

antique spoons and forks
Diwali desserts
In this pic is Eggless Pistachio Mawa Cake.

All you guys shower lot of love on my antique props. So, I thought why not share them with you. My antiques are from :

  • Indian Antique Store – You can get beautiful cookware’s in brass, copper and décor items that can enhance the look of vintage style.
  • Style it 20 – They sell a lot of vintage and antique props like tea pot, plates, forks & spoons, nut cutters and much more.
  • Rewind – You get to find many antique pieces and vintage style table, cot and décor.
  • Blue Trunk – Known for their pretty vintage props and old wooden props that can be used both for styling your home and as props.

I assure you that these stores have best of antiques that you cannot stop yourself from buying them.

Brassware Collection

My recent Brassware Collection is from Ptal.in – They are transforming tradition to trend. The best thing about them is that they bring to us the traditional Thathiar craft. Their products vary from brassware to copperware to kansa. Isn’t that amazing? This below picture shows their Tea set and curved plates set. 

ptal products

Best Antique Store

If you are travelling from Bangalore to Tamil Nadu by road. You will get to see Sangeetha Restaurant near Thoppur toll plaza(linked to location). I have been there a lot of times and I still buy every time I stop by. They have antiques, brass, copper, wooden and olden serveware. Each and every time I visit there(once in 2 months) they have some or the other unique collection. You must check it out if you pass by!!

Basket Collection

Baskets collection which include fruit baskets are from Daisy life. For all types of handmade different range of baskets from very small flower basket to large storage baskets, you can check their page.

Old is Gold

My last but the most cheapest prop idea is that it can be searched in your home or your grandmother’s home! They have the best antiques ever. Their collection is unbeatable. In the Photos below are from my grandmother’s house.

Also you can search for props in your local utensil store, ask for the returned old items in brass/copper. That does the job of giving a rustic look very well. You might find some amazing and unique props like I did!

food photo where i buy my props

Hope you enjoyed reading this blog and you got an idea of where all my beautiful props are from. I should also mention that these are my favorite places to shop, but other than these there are much more stores that I might not know. If you have any of your favorite store, just let me know in comments, so I can give it a try!!

Stay tuned for my next blog to know more about my prop collection and I’m sure you would love them. If you liked this blog, share this with your friends. See you soon. Until then take care, bye.

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