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How to get paid collaborations as influencers in 2022

I know everyone are expecting me to talk about “how to get paid collaborations as influencers?” I have been working on this quite sometime now and finally I got a lot to share with you guys on how to start monetizing. So this post is split up into two parts, so here is the first one.

Have you done your homework for the previous blog, where I asked you to find the answer to “Know the value of yourself?” If you have, then its good to work on this blog. If you haven’t then I suggest you to know yourself and then work on how to get paid for your work as influencers. Because, by knowing yourself, you feel confident on how to quote your commercials.

Here are the links to my previous blog posts about collaboration:

When did I start to get paid collaborations?

Believe me, I started to get my first paid work when my Instagram just had 2000 followers. That was my first ever collaboration. And now I have more than 13,000 followers and my account reaches more than 78,000 for 7 days. 2 years back when my first collaboration happened, I didn’t know much about collaboration. At that time, the influencer industry was not very familiar with every brand. But still I landed up with a paid collaboration with just 2000 followers on Instagram.

That’s when I took my blog seriously and worked so much to improve myself in every possible way. By knowing myself, I improved my photography, my consistency in posting on Instagram as well as blog. That’s my short history about where I am from!

Are you an influencer working for barter? Then this is for you!

As I said I have done a lot of pre-work to get inputs from different people for this blog post. Recently I started checking with few people on Instagram to know how they are working with brands. To my surprise, influencers/bloggers with 10,000 and 20,000 followers are doing sponsored posts for barter (just in return of products). While there are influencers who do paid posts with the same brand who has less than 10,000 followers. Can you imagine what are you losing out now? So, How to get paid collaborations?

In recent days, influencer platform has become familiar between people, startups and high end brands. Because, current situation led us to very less TV watchers and high suction of social media. Agree? So brands started to advertise in social media instead of TV.

When they want to advertise in TV or any other way of their own, they have to hire an agency to handle photography or videography and sharing it on their social media. When they come to influencers, they just overcome all of this process plus the cost of creating content. They just send you the products, you create the content, share it on media and advertise for them, am I right??

Brands get to advertise their products and make business out of it. But what do you get? It’s just a cupboard full of products? I am not saying you shouldn’t do barter at all. It is fine till some extent, might be till you get some experience working with brands. Do you think you can survive as an influencer just by working for barter? So limit yourself.

You might have started your Instagram/blog as passion, but as it goes it changes to profession. We are not doing any profession for free, right?

Here are the reasons “why” you might not get a paid collaboration!

Fear of losing clients:

This is the main reason why influencers are not asking to pay them. Yes, we fear of losing the opportunity! When the brand reaches out, you are happy enough and say “yes” to whatever they ask for. There are millions of brands out there who are ready to pay you. It’s just that you don’t realize.

Say “No” to barter collaboration and get paid collaborations:

I am not against working for barter, but I prefer to keep it in a limit. Start saying “NO” when you have a good reach for your work. If you think you deserve much more than barter collaboration, then just ask to pay. Until you start asking to pay, it is a big “no” to you. Brands will not get back to you immediately, but they will think about your value and what you can give them back. They come back to you and say they are open for a paid collaboration.

How to negotiate and get paid collaborations?

Once you start to charge, you should know how to negotiate. Brands will always negotiate and ask for a less cost. So remember that and keep yours higher!

You are a local business too!

There are brands that connect with us and ask “we are local business, so can you do barter?” Before replying to them, remember, you are a local business too!

Everything is said, it is up to you what you want to make out of it!

Few months back Mike Johnson on Instagram spoke about how to get paid. Few points from his inputs.

I spoke with Anjali, baker behind bakesalotlady blog, she helped me with few points to add here! You can also catch her up on Instagram

Oh wait! this is just Part 1, Part 2 will be published next week. Until then work on your confidence to ask for paid collaborations. See ya!


how to get paid collaboration as influencer

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  2. I am soo much interested in learning how to collaborate to earn my living in these testing times soso grateful to you.

  3. In collaboration did we have to give free products to clients or not. Did they pay for product??
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