How to reply to Brand Collaboration Email

Have you ever got an email from the brand for collaboration? Wonder how to reply to brand collaboration email? Then you are at the right place!

In my first post you saw me talking about “How to start working with brands in India?”, where you start approaching brands. Today let me share what to do if a brand approaches you for a collaboration and how to reply to Brand Collaboration Email which leads to monetizing your blog.

You may be a Food Blogger or a Lifestyle Blogger or a Travel Blogger – this blog suits everyone. It doesn’t matter what is your niche, brand works in a similar manner. These blogging tips are written only to help you improve in your career.

You have worked very hard to build your Instagram or blog with a decent engagement. Finally your work is recognized and there is a mail or an Instagram DM from the brand you always wanted to work with. I know you are so excited by seeing the message. Brands came to you because they see some value in your content. They believe that you can bring them some sales or to promote the brand value for their business.

But before you say “yes” to a brand collaboration and before you reply to Brand Collaboration Email, here are the few things to know.

    • What is the brand looking for?
    • How is your content going to be used?
    • What will I get in return?

Whenever there is an email from the brand it is necessary to know answers for these questions. This will make you clear what to expect and what not! It helps in resolving the biggest question in your mind “How to reply to Brand Collaboration Email”?

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If you try out these steps, do tag me on Instagram or Facebook. If you have any doubts or if you need any help, you can message me in here! Check out my latest recipe video in Youtube.

What is the brand looking for?

Brands might be looking for an Instagram post with recipe or a blog post or both. Now that there are lot of video lovers, brands might ask for videos. May be they are looking for a long term collaboration. Check with them how many posts or recipes they are looking for in specific. You can give them few suggestions based on what you prefer. Just be clear with the deliverables before you proceed to the next step.

Get a proper confirmation reply through an email. As per my experience, this works better and people are more professional in email than in a direct message. There are possibilities that you might miss messages but emails can’t be deleted from their end or missed from your end. Once the brand starts conversation for a collaboration, I would immediately get an email ID to discuss further.

How is the content going to be used?

You are creating the content and you have all rights to know how the brand is planning to use the content. Is the recipes and photographs going to be published on their website or is it just for social media or will they use it in any other ways. By knowing this you can come up with the rates accordingly. Yes, you should charge according to the usage of content. Imagine if it is going to be published on their website, then its a long term usage. Remember that and always charge for it.

What will I get in return?

Now comes the important part and I saved the best for last! Few brand emails mention about what you get in return in first point itself like, “This is a barter collaboration”. If its like this, then ask them what’s it worth of. “How much is the barter package worth?” is pretty decent to ask them.

At the beginning you will have to start with barter collaborations – I agree with you. Everyone, even I started with barter collaboration. Because at this point of time, you are new to the industry and you have lack of experience in working with brands.

Start working with brands through barter collaborations as a first step and develop your profile. After working with a few brands, you get an idea of how it goes and get to build your profile content. Then take baby steps and start knowing your value. It’s super important to know your own value. Only if you know your value, others will start to value you. If you go on working only for barter, then there is no point you can turn your passion into profession!

“This is my passion not profession” if that’s what you are thinking, then you are wrong!! You are here reading this, it’s not just passion anymore!

As I said before, analyse your value by asking yourself the following questions:

  • Is my content good enough to get paid.
  • What is the reach of my account.
  • Am I consistent or active in sharing content across social media channels.
  • Am I having a decent followers who engage in my posts.

I wouldn’t say your content should be top notch to get paid, but should be decent to attract brands. It’s good to ask these yourself and know what you are worth of. Then you will be more confident when you talk to brands about the commercials. When I say commercials, there is a detailed post coming up next week, stay tuned!

Till then, do the homework of knowing your own value. Without knowing that you can’t go to the next step of speaking about commercials!

How to reply to brand collaboration emails, how to respond to PR emails, How to reply to instagram collaboration emails




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