how to work with brands as blogger in india

How to work with brands as Bloggers in India

How to work with brands as Bloggers in India in 2022 is the most asked question in the blogging industry.

I have been in the blogging industry for 3 years now. I have collaborated with some amazing brands. Just I had 2000 followers back then on Instagram and a blog that’s almost 3 years old. But I was less active on my blog page, like I used to post 2-3 recipes every month. Then I decided to take it more seriously and shared 2 recipes with a few Instagram posts per week. After that I started connecting with brands to work with. Remember I said 2k Instagram followers? Then I landed with my first paid collab! Once that happened I started pitching to many other brands.

dulce de leche Ice cream

So it doesn’t matter if you have 1000 followers or just started your Instagram account. Some X-brand will definitely be open for a collaboration possibly a local brand who has just started out.

I would say your niche is the key. First decide on which field you want to excel. It might be food, travel, food photography, lifestyle, beauty, mommy blogging etc. It is okay if you are not perfect in that field. Nobody starts as a perfectionist. You can learn and explore as you go. But, initially sticking to the niche, what you love to do from your soul is very important. This will help the niche specific brands to find you easily to work with.

How to start a conversation with brand? Is a casual DM allowed? or just wait for opportunities to roll in? There are endless questions you may have, I am still learning, but I have put it down to points that will help you organize yourself.

It can be a daunting process to find the brands to work with. I had worked with few amazing brands in the following ways. You can check the brands I have worked with here.

how to work with brands as blogger

bangalore photographer


I have a series of blog posts coming up on how to reply to brand emails, how to get more paid collaborations and much more. So don’t forget to stick around! 

If you try out and succeed with these ways, just tag me on Instagram or Facebook using #bittybakesbusiness. If you have any doubts you can message me in here!


Here are the ways on “how to work with brands as bloggers in India”  and connect with brands that helps you land up in collaboration as a micro influencer.

Find the Brands/Products:

Once you are ready with your niche, you have to search for the brands/products that suit you for work. You can use Instagram or google to search based on your niche. You may already have few brands that you have used and love to work, note it down. Find other bloggers/instagrammers who are in the same niche and find with whom they are working. Make a list of these brands/products that you would like to work on.

Try to go with local or new startup brands, so it will be easy for you to nail it down. Now you have a list of brands/products, that leads us to the next point that is how to get their contact.

Find their contact:

Usually most brands will have a website. Try searching for a contact mail ID, few brands will mention a separate mail ID especially for collaboration. If you couldn’t find a mail ID, search for the brand on Instagram and direct message to the brand and check if they can share a PR contact person’s mail ID. You should always be careful with the words you put in when you DM them. Always try to be polite.

You can send a quick DM that says,

“Hi X-brand, I have an interesting idea for a possible collaboration. May I know, what’s the best mail ID to reach for to discuss further?”

This way has been so successful for me, I will definitely get a reply from the brand. It may be a mail ID to discuss further. Or may be straight away “no, right now we are not looking for collaboration”. Be ready for much of this, but you have reached out saying I am open for collaboration. They will follow your work and in future they might get back to you for work.

Pitching to Brands:

Now that you have the contact, you have to be clear when you write to them. If you are writing an email, keep it simple, include an attractive subject line. Tell them about you and your blog in just 2-3 lines. Talk about how much you like their brand/product. Let them know working with you will be a perfect fit for them. Share some insights about your blog or Instagram. So that they know about your reach.

Brands are super busy and they get a lot of similar mails daily, they don’t have much time to go through big, long paragraphs. Don’t attach 2-4 pages of your work as an attachment to download for them. Keep it really easy for them to read!

I hope this blog on how to work with brands as bloggers helped you. If yes, please comment below and let me know. Also what more do you want to know about? Stay tuned for more blogging tips!

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  1. Hi mam!
    This is so helpful for people like me who look for collaboration. As we are beginners we need more information from you. Thank you ❤️

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  4. Hi Sharmi,

    Very informative and helpful for the beginners like me.
    Please keep sharing more of your ideas and experience with us.
    Thank you ?

  5. Very useful and informative tips for beginners like us.. I am a new blogger, started recently food blogging in instagram. Please do give some tips to attract followers.

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