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Kids Delight Event – Birthday Party Treats

We have all heard our kids ranting that they are bored of eating the same stuff and they keep expecting new delicacies from us. Isn’t it? Our kids are too excited about their birthday and so are we. We try really hard and pay attention towards each detail that could make them happy on their birthdays. Why should we do all that circus when we can impress them with just unique food items? That seems like an idea right? So that, I decided to host Srivalli’s Kid’s Delight Event on the theme Birthday Treats.

This is my first event ever on my blog! I am excited to host this event for all the bloggers and non-bloggers who passionately delights in food. You can choose a sweet or savory that you would like to treat your kid with, on his/her birthday. Then why wait, dig into the Kid’s Delight event guidelines to participate and let us come up with a whole lot of birthday party treat ideas!

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  • Kid’s delight event will be open for all bloggers and non-bloggers from July 16th to August 15th.

  • Sweet or savory dishes that meet the theme are allowed for the entries.

  • Only vegetarian dishes are allowed for the entry of event. However, egg is an exception and egg can be used for your dish.

  • Multiple entries are allowed.

  • New posts are strictly to be created to participate in the event. No archives.

  • Do mail me the image of your post. So that I will do a round up at the end. Mail me at [email protected] (please copy paste my mail id).

  • Kindly add a back link to Srivalli’s kid’s delight post and my announcement page(this page).

  • Please add the mandatory kid’s delight logo given below.

  • Non-bloggers, do email me the recipe with an image to [email protected] (please copy paste my mail id).


Waiting for your mouth-watering recipes!

Kids Delight Event - Birthday Party Treats

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