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Measuring Flour| Grams to Cup Measurement

Measuring Flour| Grams to Cup Measurement:  Baking is always based on how you measure your ingredients. The texture of the cake usually depends on how you measure flour, sugar and butter/oil.

If you have been here before, you have noticed me posting Basic Baking Series: Measuring the Ingredients. This is second in the series. The first one is How to make a Perfect Cake Tips and Tricks. Where you can find all tips in a image format to save and use it in future.

The core Tip in the first baking Basics series is use a weighing scale to measure the ingredients.Weighing helps you make a flawless Cake.

measuring flour

If you are just starting out, then using a measuring cup and spoon set will be helpful. The Measurement varies for each and everyone because the quality/brand of all the ingredient differs. It also differs when you spoon the ingredients to cups or scoop it directly using the cup. From my experience spooning the ingredients to cups gives better results.

For liquid measurement, its usually measured in milliliter(ml) or ounce(oz). There is a separate Measuring Mug or use the same cups that have measurements starting from 250ml which equals to 1 cup.

cups to grams

The Chart Below given is created from my experience and in all my recipes I use only this measurement. You can download and save it. Just print it out or write down in a sheet and stick to your kitchen for easy access.

Measuring Flour| Grams to Cup Measurement Chart:

Measuring Flour| Grams to Cup Measurement

The above measurements are approximate and it may vary a bit by the way you measure.


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