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Spicy Guava Milkshake Recipe

What’s your pick at a restaurant when you want to order something from the Milkshake menu? Well, my pick would definitely be Spicy Guava Milkshake recipe if it is added in the menu. You might have heard of Spicy Guava Mocktail which is really a go-to mocktail for most of the mocktail lovers. If we can have a mocktail which is spicy, why not a milkshake? After all, who wouldn’t like the flavors of sweet, spicy and tangy all at once right?

spicy guava milkshake recipe


Milkshakes are meant to be too sweet. But, a lot of people do not like too much sweetness. This Spicy Guava Milkshake suits perfectly for those. There is another category of people who love to keep trying new combinations of flavors. Trying the same kind of milkshakes is boring right? If you are one of those kinds who would love to experiment, you would want to try this milkshake more often.

Summer is here. Having a soul soothing drink more often is much needed. I assure you that this Spicy Guava Milkshake would be your favorite for this summer. You do not have to worry about the procedure. Because it is quite simple and doesn’t take a lot of ingredients. Your milkshake will be literally ready within a couple of minutes.

Now the biggest question is where do I go in search of Guava? Worry not. We have got you covered. You guys know that I talk a lot about Ossoro flavors. I have used Ossoro’s Spicy guava flavor for this milkshake. Isn’t it amazing how we can do a guava milkshake without using guava? By using Ossoro’s flavors, the taste of the milkshake will not be compromised at all and it tastes absolutely tasty and refreshing. Are you waiting for the procedure? Here it is!

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Variations to make using same recipe:

  1. Add flavors according to your choice to make it a different shake
  2. You can add in fruit puree instead of flavors
  3. Adjust with the ice cream and milk quantity to get a thick or thin milkshake. Ice cream makes the shake more rich!
bangalore food stylist

Spicy Guava Milkshake Recipe

Running out of summer drink options? This tasty and refreshing Spicy Guava Milkshake will help you beat the heat. Check it out!
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Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 0 minutes
Course Drinks
Servings 2


  • 2 scoop Vanilla Ice cream
  • 1 cup Whole Milk
  • 1/2 tsp Ossoro's Spicy Guava Flavor
  • pinch of Red Chilli Powder Optional
  • 2 tbsp Sugar Optional


  • Add Ice cream, milk, red chilli powder and sugar in a blender.
  • Blend it till mixed for a minute.
  • Serve chill in glasses.

Keeping yourself hydrated in summer is very important. Try making various summer drinks. I bet Spicy Guava Milkshake will top the list!

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