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Egg Drop Biscuits


Egg Drop Biscuits are my childhood favorite. These cookies instantly reminds me of my childhood days. Its a popular snack available in bakeries, a favorite childhood snack for many. These kind of locally made cookies are more close to our hearts than the other fancy ones, It just stirs up nostalgic feelings and reminds me … Read more

Melt in Mouth Butter Cookies

melt in mouth cookies

These Melt in Mouth Butter Cookies are so delicate and gives you melting moments that will leave you craving for more!!! Butter Cookies are always favorite for anyone. Do you agree with me?? We have Christmas in a month. And it’s time for some easy and stays long cookies! But in my home it didn’t … Read more

Alfajores – Traditional Argentinean Biscuits

Alfajores – Traditional Argentinean Biscuits are so easy and they are really delicious Cookies that just melts in mouth. Alfajores are popular Biscuits in most regions of South America especially in Argentina and Uruguay. Argentina is the worlds largest consumer of these Alfajores. They make these sweet biscuits from All purpose Flour and Corn flour … Read more