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Vegan Mini Chocolate Sponge

vegan mini Chocolate sponge

Veganism is slowly hitting everyone. The moral to stand against the cruelty to animals is a thought to be appreciated. So, here I am doing my bit by baking this delicious Vegan Mini Chocolate Sponge. If you are a vegan and looking for vegan baking recipes, this is a must try. Absolutely drooling and ecstatic! … Read more

Rich Eggless Chocolate Cake Recipe

rich eggless Chocolate Cake Recipe

This Rich Eggless Chocolate Cake Recipe is so delicious and it just satisfies your Chocolate carvings. Its so chocolaty and the chocolate cream cheese frosting is an absolute match. It just has the basic ingredients, flour, oil, curd, cocoa powder and sugar. Usually I always prefer butter cakes over oil cakes, but this is an … Read more