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Vegan Mini Chocolate Sponge

vegan mini Chocolate sponge

Veganism is slowly hitting everyone. The moral to stand against the cruelty to animals is a thought to be appreciated. So, here I am doing my bit by baking this delicious Vegan Mini Chocolate Sponge. If you are a vegan and looking for vegan baking recipes, this is a must try. Absolutely drooling and ecstatic! … Read more

Semolina Strawberry Mini Cakes

Semolina Strawberry Mini Cakes

I should say I am obsessed with Strawberries in season, here is yet another strawberry cake! Here is Semolina Strawberry Mini Cakes. It’s been so long, since I have baked using Almond flour! When I was following paleo, I made Gluten-free Spinach Cupcakes and Carrot Cakes. Festive season is here and to make it more … Read more